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Beautiful Rings by Rego

Using this tool is simple. Just browse each of the sections below for the options which most closely match your vision of the perfect piece of jewlery. Once complete, this estimate can be refined by our experts to make your vision a reality.

Beautiful Rings by Rego
Design Selection

Please choose the type and weight of jewelry which most closely match your vision. (You may only select one piece at a time.)

Stone Settings

Please choose the quantity and setting method of each stone in your custom piece. NOTE: Stone setting costs are increased when stones are not provided by Rego.

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Additional Findings

If additional parts will be used, please fill in the appropriate box.

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Misc. Costs/Special Instructions

Please enter any information that is not provided in the sections listed: for example, center stones being sent in for setting, any additional stones provided by you for setting, etc. If you are aware of the prices associated with any of these miscellaneous costs, please enter the approximate dollar amount and explain any and all costs using the text box. The text box can be expanded by toggling the bottom right corner. Please keep in mind that these adjustments may significantly change the final cost and that this program is designed as a guide. This is an estimate, not a quote.

Misc Costs:$
Stones Provided by Rego

Use the drop down menus below to choose the stones for your piece. Enter the quantity in the box to the left of the stone description and click on the Update Qtys Button at the bottom of the column. Your selection will appear at the top of the column. You can then use the drop down menus to add additional stones.

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NOTE: On custom items, pricing is presently withheld until a design type, design weight, and metal are selected. Please make your selections above to view estimate pricing

DISCLAIMER: This cost is only an estimate and is based on the information you provided. The actual cost to produce the piece is not guaranteed. A more precise estimate of the actual cost will be provided after the CAD design is complete and approved.